Erin McDonald is a designer at heart, always has been and always will be. He has been in the event design industry for well over two decades working along side some of the top professionals in the country. He has designed events for presidents, dignitaries, celebrities and thousands of beaming couples. His craft for turning rooms into spectacular events has blossomed into interior modifications of homes and designing event venues. Erin is sought after throughout the nation to help existing event companies, as a consultant, to increase their brand awareness, teach their existing teams how to sell event design, and re-designing their studios; to match their long term goals. He has designed events all over the world such as destination weddings in Mexico, nuptials in Paris, and curated designs all throughout Chicago’s most elite properties. His holistic approach to design can take him anywhere from a luxurious table for 20, for a second wedding, to designing a brand new event venue for one of Chicago’s power families. His design logic is simple…”keep it simple and the design will speak volumes”.




"Design is the language which expresses the use, the mood and the possibilities of a place.”

From interior modification to full remodels, EMC will work closely with you and find just the right amount of texture, light and movement for your unique space.



"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck"

Revered as one of the best in Chicago, EMC has over 25 years of experience with flowers. Mentored by some of the top in the industry, EMC will translate your vision with attention to detail wrapped up in fine taste. Whether you are entertaining in your home, creating and curating an event in a hotel, or being whisked away to an island paradise with your loved ones, EMC will design the hell out of your party!



“Don’t let the pressure, exceed the pleasure.”

EMC will works with his clients on a one to one basis so that any event that they are dreaming of or are creating…is the perfect one. EMC will work with any client, large or small, wedding or gala, Chicago or the world. EMC has curated a fine group of preferred creative partners across the globe to help execute your vision into reality.



“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

EMC works with many brands across the city to bring their company up a few notches. Whether it is working exclusively with a restaurant group on how to serve high end, consulting with an existing event company on how to raise their sweet spot a few thousand dollars each time, or designing an event venue, EMC will work with each client and come up with the perfect plan to make things happen. EMC gets things done!

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication "


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Rendering vs. Sketching

In the world today we have a few choices when it comes to the the interior remodel of our homes and businesses.  Do we have a rendering done which is automated on a computer with the help of room measurements, photographs, and a computer that uses programs such as Lumion, CAD and others of the same vane?

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Gallery art walls in Soho House (globally)

Not knowing quite where to begin I am just going to jump right into it.  I LOVE gallery wall art!  There I said it.  I cannot get enough of it. Whenever I see it I am instantly drawn to it.  There is something about the casual randomness of it that makes my regularly, somewhat, symmetrical mind tilt a bit to the left.

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Got Wood? How Much is Too Much?

Well I am sure that most of you probably started reading this because you have dirty, filthy minds and expect the same from me.  Gotcha!  I am talking about wood itself.  The actual stuff that comes from trees.  I am sure they are manufacturing it from re-processed garbage these days but I am only going to talk about the classical type of this material.

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