Rendering vs. Sketching

In the world today we have a few choices when it comes to the the interior remodel of our homes and businesses.  Do we have a rendering done which is automated on a computer with the help of room measurements, photographs, and a computer that uses programs such as Lumion, CAD and others of the same vane?

Or do we have an interior or sketch artist come in to the room, take some photographs and sketch the room out using many mediums like pencil drawing or quite possible water color?  I like them both because I feel like they both have a time and a place where they are affective.  The water color, pencil drawing or sketch I feel is a better option when it is a bit more of a personal project for your client; albeit their home, their small upstart restaurant or a new venture to where they are “personally” invested.  This type of drawing of their room or layout gives them a sense of personal protection that tells them that what we are producing for them is art.  It is worthy of a place on one of their walls to hang and remember forever.  It catches them at a time that things might be too crazy to understand because of what magnitude everything is happening at once.  I feel like it brings them a sense of ease and relaxes them to see that the time was taken to have their home sketched, drawn or painted.  It builds trust and fortifies your commitment to them and the project in front of you.  Renderings on the other hand fit better in more commercial properties, real estate with a larger scope of the undertaking, and projects that involve “multiple” rooms.  Rendering programs, like I listed above, are so progressive and unique these days that sometimes it is hard to grasp if it is actually a rendering or a drawing.  They are that sophisticated.  The perception I believe is the same as an artist, and quite frankly, much more scaled to the actual dimensions.  There are many many companies like Rendering House and Enlighten Design that truly are gifted at their craft and should be recognized for the talent.  Sketch artist like Rosemary Fanti in Chicago is a unique talent to bring any room that you are trying to create to life.  Whether it is drawn on paper or on your computer I believe to have one or if not both of these components in your toolbox to sell to clients, is going to make you look and feel that  much more professional and onewhodefines!